The secure credit data blockchain for businesses

We’re building a blockchain for business credit data. SmartPesa Credible is the only global distributed ledger to store business identity, self-declared attributes, and transactional statistics on the blockchain. This new blockchain is designed specifically for sharing data across organizations in a decentralized model to allow for comprehensive credit scoring. By using blockchain for open access, encryption for security, and private keys for ownership, Credible unlocks the value of precious business credit data by moving this data from proprietary silos onto a globally accessible blockchain network.


Pre-sale start


d h m s



from 11/13/18 to 11/13/18


from 11/13/18 to 11/13/18


Platform: Ethereum

Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 18,500,000 USD

Token Symbol: pesa

Total Supply of Tokens: 500,000,000

Tokens Available for Sale: 50%

KYC: true

Can’t participate: China (Total Restriction)United States (Total Restriction)Yemen (Total Restriction)Sudan (Total Restriction)Somalia (Total Restriction)Libya (Total Restriction)Iran (Total Restriction)Eritrea (Total Restriction)Congo - Brazzaville (Total Restriction)North Korea (Total Restriction)

Accepts: BTC, ETH

Registered Company: Singapore