Shark Lotto

Shark Lotto - international transparent decentralized lottery platform based Ethereum blockchain

The main goal of Shark Lotto is to transform the conventional lottery for the better by integrating blockchain technology to change the antiquated ways of holding traditional lottery games radically. With this technology, the winnings are distributed by the blockchain network, strictly in accordance with the rules of the game. The results of each game are verifiable in the blockchain open registry and cannot be manipulated. This solution is 100% Secure since it is based on blockchain technology thus offering many advantages over other platforms.


Pre-sale start


d h m s



from 09/01/18 to 10/31/18


from 11/01/18 to 11/30/18


Platform: Ethereum

Token Symbol: shlt

Total Supply of Tokens: 10,000,000

Tokens Available for Sale: 70%

KYC: true

Accepts: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH

Registered Company: United States