WHEN Token

Person-to-person micro-contracts using the blockchain

WhenHub Interface makes it easy for Consumers to find Experts on any topic, then video call them for knowledge-sharing. The call financial details are handled with a Smart Contract that uses our WHEN Token cryptocurrency. We have a bigger vision for the mobile app, including implementation of Patent Pending features. ICO funds will enable us to build on the momentum we have developed by continuing to enhance the app and increase user adoption. We have a white paper that outlines our vision, but more importantly we already have a shipping product on both Apple and Google app stores, greatly increasing our chances for success.


Pre-sale start


d h m s



from 11/13/18 to 11/13/18


from 03/19/18 to 09/19/18


Platform: Ethereum

Soft Cap: 35,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 40,000,000 USD

Token Symbol: when

Total Supply of Tokens: 875,000,000

KYC: true

Accepts: ETH, USD

Registered Company: United States