Moonlight Lux

Employment. Redefined.

Moonlight is a decentralized workforce and project management platform anchored on the NEO blockchain. It provides improved liquidity to conventional resource management activities by integrating 'gig economy' mechanics into an analytical project management platform. Tasks completed in Moonlight are published to a user's address on the blockchain which acts as a trustless resume. The project therefore provides a public ledger of contributor work experience and a match making algorithm to effectively fulfill project needs using a global pool of qualified contributors. This data is also leveraged by the ecosystem's project tracking and staffing tools.


Pre-sale start


d h m s



from 05/20/18 to 06/02/18


from 08/11/18 to 08/31/18


Platform: NEO

Hard Cap: 4,300,000 USD

Token Symbol: lx

Total Supply of Tokens: 808,257,693

Tokens Available for Sale: 62%

KYC: true

Can’t participate: Sri Lanka (Total Restriction)Serbia (Total Restriction)Syria (Total Restriction)Iran (Total Restriction)Yemen (Total Restriction)Tunisia (Total Restriction)Trinidad and Tobago (Total Restriction)Pakistan (Total Restriction)China (Total Restriction)United States (Total Restriction)Ethiopia (Total Restriction)South Korea (Total Restriction)

Accepts: NEO, GAS

Registered Company: Singapore