BMax is the token issued by the BitMax platform.

BMax is the token coin issued by the BitMax platform. BMax will run natively on the Ethererum blockchain with ERC 20. BMax can be used as the basis for the platform's fee distribution rights, voting decision rights and voting right. The users can obtain BMax through the "Trading Mining" model and eligible for fee dividend based on the BMax holding amount. Eligible for Distribution of Platform Fee Revenue Regular individual user who holds BMax is eligible for the distribution of 80% platform fee revenue The principle of dividends is based off the platform revenue income. For example, if the platform fee revenue is 100BTC, 500ETH, 10000FT, BMax holders are eligible for the distribution of 80BTC, 400ETH, 8000FT. The dividend cycle is based on the daily cycle during early launch stage; and then move to hourly cycle in the later period. Voting Rights on Listing All community members have voting rights on listing. Priority and Decision-making Right Priorities and decision-making right within the community are determined by the number of BMax the users are holding. Operations and Maintenance of Mining Pool Community BMax can be used as rewards for the governance of mining pool and the recognition of individual miner’s contribution


Pre-sale start


d h m s



from 10/19/18 to 10/19/18


from 07/01/18 to 07/23/18


Platform: ETHEREUM

Soft Cap: -

Hard Cap: 13,700,000 USD

Token Symbol: BMAX

Total Supply of Tokens: 10,000,000,000

Tokens Available for Sale: -


Can’t participate: -

Accepts: -

Registered Company: CHINA