HELP Token aims to help fund charities and organizations by developing its own large-scale charity project. The main goal is to build a unique charity platform and mobile application, where for assistance, participants will receive a reward. The project aims to improve international payment instrument, by placing their products in the foundations, organizations and private requests.

Dear friends, we present to your attention the project, which has no ideological analogues in the world at the moment. If you are interested in charitable activities, you should already know the difficulties and problems that arise on the way. One of these problems is the difficulty in financing international charitable activities, primarily due to the lack of a centralized platform that allows transactions to be carried out without any difficulties. As an example of this problem can be considered incompatibility of payment systems with each other. Thus, VISA / MasterCard cards issued in Europe are not accepted by US payment systems, and some payment systems may simply not be available in any country. Also, electronic payment systems, such as Advanced Cash, Payeer, PayPal and others - are simply not compatible with each other, and accordingly, they imply transactions only between users of the system itself. Of course, today there are questionable exchangers that offer exchange between systems for an increased percentage. With cash, the situation is even more complex. Well, the final part of the problem lies in the fact that in recent years, our lives are increasingly included turnover of cryptocurrencies. In this regard, the dev team of HELP token project decided to start developing a platform that solves all the problems of transactions for the needs of charity. A revolutionary idea in this area will be to unite charity and the crypto industry, so we can make a huge step into the future, and greatly simplify the implementation of international donations. The developed platform will carry out the sale and purchase of HELP token, using any cards, and the maximum number of payment systems. The platform will use blockchain technology, in a certain block of which there will be charitable foundations and projects. Also, our team will developed: Hybrid mobile applications for using crypto currency in charity. Plug - ins and widgets for sites that use payment gateways, and allow transfers by pressing one or two buttons, with easy configuration and code implementation in the site. Yes, we create a brand that will be widely known in the field of charity, and, of course, will create the most necessary, useful, functional and convenient tools for this!



Conception of GoHelpFund idea and market research. Started working on the platform based on Amazon Web Services. Began research and development for implementing our own blockchain and wallet.


GoHelpFund.com domain name registered for the platform. Website available and social media enabled.


Launching Token Sale event. Accepting multiple ways of contributing, including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XMR and more.


Token Sale finishes successfully. Start inquiring big exchanges to get listed on.


Start public-testing the alpha version and continue developing beta version. Incremental monthly releases to be included in the alpha version: Website Application. iOS Application. Machine Learning RTD (Real-time-detection).


- Start public-testing the beta version and continue developing/integrating the blockchain and wallet. - Incremental monthly releases to be included in the beta version: - Platform Public API. - Android Application. - Artificial Intelligence RTEP (Re


Start public-testing the blockchain/wallet and begin marketing/advertising for production release. Incremental monthly releases to be included in the pre-production version: Migration from Ethereum Network to our own Blockchain. Wallet Application. E


GoHelpFund platform launched officially. Continuous Integration and Development based on regular feedback from our users.


Daniel Tirzuman

Co-Founder, Back-End, Distributed Systems


Vlad Batrinu

Co-Founder, iOS Evangelist


Daniel Dascalu

Co-Founder, Front End Developer


Ciprian Florescu

Machine Learning Engineer


Isabela Trufanda

Co-Founder, Software Developer


Eduard Rascutoi

Co-Founder, Security Engineer



Pre-sale start


d h m s



from 10/19/18 to 10/19/18


from 04/30/18 to 06/29/18


Platform: ETHEREUM

Soft Cap: 5 BTC

Hard Cap: 600,000 USD

Token Symbol: HELP

Total Supply of Tokens: 50,000,000

Tokens Available for Sale: 2%


Can’t participate: -


Registered Company: ROMANIA