Bridging the gap between traditional payments and cryptocurrency

SelfPay is a payment aggregator that uses local payment processors in each merchant country to provide a unified mobile and web interface to accept international credit cards and local debit cards. Believing that the main problem for sellers and merchants to accept a cryptocurrency is both change resistance as well as core technology issues, we are proposing an innovative mixed solution with a clear update path to bring sellers to accept any cryptocurrency, anywhere, any time. Giving crypto reward for each transaction help to demystify the crypto currencies across merchants and give them a real incentive to use our solution.



After 2 man years of development, the first beta version of SelfPay was released in mid 2016. This version was then iterated upon to work as a payment aggregator, and by the end of 2016, the new version was released incorporating aggregation functionali


Building on top of the existing product, version 2.0 of SelfPay begun a period of beta testing with a few select trusted testing users. The payment aggregator functionalities became validated. Sellers can manage their own payments both offline and onlin


Funds raised during the ICO are used to market the product across Southeast Asia. - Ether cash back and SxP retribution process are added to the application - SxP token is added to major crypto exchanges - Sales teams are set up to market the product


- Customers are able to pay using bank accounts as well as credit card (bank to bank payments) - Customers are able to pay using Alipay representing 450 Million potential Chinese Customers - The inventories used by each seller are used to create a mark


We offer the possibility to each seller to exchange their blockchain assets seamlessly from one user to another in a decentralised manner, removing any risks that is usually associated with current centralised solutions. Each seller will be able to send


Any seller can be paid directly in any crypto currency achieving the original target to bring the crypto currency seamlessly to any seller. Internal exchanges setup to optimise the cross sell between the crypto reward given to sellers and the reward wit


Porapon Chiarakulnimitr

Full-stack software developer


James Cockshull

Head of development


Raphael Tant



Kevin Konczak

Head of sales and marketing



Pre-sale start


d h m s



from 11/13/18 to 11/13/18


from 05/25/18 to 06/24/18


Platform: Ethereum

Soft Cap: 1,250 ETH

Hard Cap: 25,000 ETH

Token Symbol: sxp

Total Supply of Tokens: 10,000,000

Tokens Available for Sale: 75%

KYC: true

Can’t participate: United States (Total Restriction)China (Total Restriction)

Accepts: ETH

Registered Company: Singapore