We unite the worlds of fiat and crypto investments.

We unite fiat and crypto investments to create a capital management platform that is open and available to everyone. Volk gives investors of all types a unique competitive advantage over investment opportunities that exist today. For crypto investors - Access traditional investment assets without leaving the current crypto-ecosystem. - Access investment products that can meet a variety of risk and ROI needs. - The level of diversification and volatility reduction, achieved through minimally correlated traditional and crypto investments, that never been seen within the crypto-ecosystem before. For traditional investors - Profitability of investments is increased manifold thanks to high-yield crypto investments. - Any person, anywhere in the world can become an investor. There is no minimum amount to invest, and no need to be accredited or professional investor. - Any invested funds, along with accumulated returns, can be withdrawn in minutes at any convenient time.


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from 11/13/18 to 11/13/18


from 11/01/17 to 01/31/18


Token Symbol: volk