EncryptoTel [Waves]

Fiduciary Services for the Crypto World

Eternal Trusts is the world's first fiduciary crypto protocol for creating decentralized apps that securely administer crypto assets through collective decision-making. Eternal Trusts Protocol replicates the traditional "purpose trust" framework with crypto technologies, making it flexible, transparent, and affordable for the end user. The ET Protocol is open to any business owner, financial service provider, trustee, or family office interested in accepting cryptocurrencies, integrating blockchain into its business processes, and offering a brand new model of trusted asset administration to their clients. ET Protocol is powered by EOS.IO, one of the fastest blockchain protocols with low transaction fees, and Hyperledger by IBM.


Pre-sale start


d h m s



from 11/13/18 to 11/13/18


from 06/01/18 to 10/01/18


Platform: Ethereum

Soft Cap: 7,000,000 USD

Token Symbol: ett

KYC: true

Accepts: ETH, BTC, LTC, BTH

Registered Company: Singapore